Caribbean Invertebrate Quiz

For the past two weeks, we challenged you to test your identification skills on invertebrate close-ups from the Indo-Pacific. As promised, here is a Caribbean invertebrate quiz. These images are close-ups of invertebrates that are found in the waters of the tropical western Atlantic and Caribbean. Click on each image to reveal the entire animal:

Quiz3 image4

Do you know what this is? Click on the image to reveal.

Quiz3 Image1

What about this? Click on image to reveal.

Quiz3 image2

Quiz3 image3

Quiz3 image5

Hope you have enjoyed these past few posts – we’ll be back with more from time to time ~ the Blennywatchers

Invertebrate Quiz #2

A few days ago, we posted an invertebrate quiz made up of five close-up images that could be clicked on to reveal the entire animal. Response was good, so here are five more from the Indo-Pacific to try out:

Invertebrates image1 quiz 1

Do you know what this is? Click in the image to reveal the entire animal.

Invertebrates - image8 quiz1

Click on this image to reveal the entire animal.

Invertebrates - image3 quiz1

Invertebrates image4 quiz1

Invertebrates - image2 quiz1

Check back with us soon. We’ll post invertebrates from the Caribbean next.



Invertebrates! Animals without backbones. Today we are celebrating the diversity and beauty of Earth’s 97% with a little quiz. Here is your chance to test your knowledge and enjoy some of our favorite marine invertebrates from the Indo-Pacific.

To take the quiz, scroll down and see if you recognize the invertebrate. Click on each photo to reveal the answer. They might be easy for some of you but we hope you have fun anyway. We’ll be back later this week with a few more.

Invertebrates image9 quiz 1

Know this one? Click on the photo to reveal the entire animal.

Invertebrates - image6 quiz1

And what about this? Click the image to reveal

Invertebrates - image5 quiz1

Invertebrates - image7 quiz1

Invertebrates image10 quiz1

I normally pass these by. Click on the image to reveal the animal.

We’ll be back later in the week with more invertebrates from the Indo-Pacific and maybe some from the Caribbean too.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo Invertebrate Exhibit Closes

The Smithsonian Invertebrate Exhibit | Photo credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo (Flickr)

We love invertebrates – animals without backbones – from the prickly, squiggly and heebie-jeebie-inducing to the colorful, intricately evolved and delicate. Above and below sea level, they make up over 95 percent of Earth’s species. The title of this blog features a fish, [...]