Octopus Army

We love to dive for the sake of diving. We fishwatch; we take photographs; we float freely in three dimensions. Our mission is to have fun and share what we see with like-minded souls. We’ve adopted a couple of conservation projects, because we believe we should give something in return – to the people who have welcomed us warmly to their countries and to organizations that work hard to protect the oceans.

We got our start in 2010 on a dive cruise aboard the Komodo Dancer. Cruise director Garry Bevan, wore a khaki, military-style vest with a curious “Octopus Army 518” patch. After a shore walk (advertised as a short jaunt to “stretch” our legs) turned into something more like a forced march, we took to addressing Garry as “General.” As the month wore on and the adventures got sillier, the title morphed into “General Ikan Gurita” (the Indonesian word for octopus) and the Octopus Army was born.

Unwilling to let the fun die out after the cruise, the original members of the Octopus Army carried on through several more dive trips to the Philippines, Indonesia and Dominica. From the original troop of eight, we’ve enlisted many more along the way and our numbers continue to grow. Blenny Week was conceived on an Octopus Army expedition, inspired of course by the antics of the group.

The good causes we’ve adopted include the Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center in North Sulawesi and REEF. As a group, we raise money and volunteer for these organizations and as individuals, we support many others.

Whether you want to join us on a dive trip, support our causes, follow our adventures or share yours, we invite you to join us. We’ll post trip reports on this blog. The Octopus Army FaceBook page is our site for news and sharing.




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